Miscellaneous information



 We do allow returns as long as the item is shipped within 7 days after purchase arrives. The item must be in new condition. We do charge a restocking fee of 25 percent.   We have many expenses involved when we ship baskets.  We take the time to measure and describe the colors in each item we put on our website.    Plus, we list about 4 photos of each product.    Since each basket is unique,  when we receive the basket back, we have to reshape, remeasure and retake the photos of it so we can put it back on the website.  It is very time consuming.   

 Returns:   It must be within 7 days after you receive your item.  It must be in the same condition you received it.  Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs.  We do not offer a refund on gift wrapping or on the shipping.  

Refunds: If paid by credit card,  please allow up to 7 business days to see if on your statement.  

If you paid by Paypal, you wlil receive the orginal amount paid less any Paypal fees, we, as the seller paid.  Paypal no longer refunds those fees back to the seller.  This is a fairly new policy Paypal started. We are sorry about this but it is Paypal's policy. 

 If you have any concerns or questions regarding your order, please call or email us.   

Hours Of Operation

We are here 8-6 EST.  However, if is not unusual for us to answer calls or email up to 9 pm. 

Miscellaneous Information

 Bolga baskets are made from grass that  is twisted before its woven to give it more strength. They can really carry a lot of weight. However, they are not meant to carry loads of books day after day. Although one customer used her basket for over a year carrying heavy books every school day. Please call if you have any questions.  

The dimensions of baskets are measured from rim to rim (outside) and from the floor to the top of the rim.   We do measure every basket but the dimensions are approximate.  If a a Market basket is not quite round, we take an average of both sides.  Thank you. 

Shaping Your Basket

Bolga baskets come flattened from Africa.  The baskets are shaped before we put them on our website.  We do flattened the baskets to ship them due to the higher US Postal Service rates.  They now charge by dimensional weight.  Since most Bolga baskets are larger baskets, this new change affects us.   If your basket should need reshaping either from shipping or just over time, they are easy to reshape.  Wet, let stand a few minutes, roll on a flat service and or shape with your hands.  Let dry.   We like to put the bottom up to dry first, then flip the basket over.  They are grass so they can get wet, but can't stay wet. If you live in a humid climate, we don't recommend leaving your baskets outside. 

Every Bolga basket comes with an informational  brochere that includes instructions for reshaping.