What We are about


We fell in love with Bolga baskets the first time we saw them. We saw the attention to detail, the intricate designs and the exceptional talent of the weavers. We started this business in 2005 as more of a hobby with our goal to provide the highest quality African made baskets. Within a few months, we soon came to realize what selling these baskets meant to the weavers.  They needed an avenue in which to sell their baskets.   This was their main source of income. We learned about the Fair Trade Federation and we became a member in 2006. 

Our goal quickly changed and became our mission to help the weavers get their baskets sold, thus helping them earn a sustainable income as well as offering the highest quality baskets.  As we worked closely with the weavers and our company became more established, we were able to do more than just buy baskets.  With many thanks to our wonderful customers and talented weavers, we have been able to fulfill some of those needs as you will see in the photos. We continue to pray for direction on how we can best help the weavers each year. Should you decide to purchase one of our high quality Bolga baskets, we know you will find the perfect use for it.  Whether the basket is for organizing, carrying items to and from your home/work or for display, we hope this basket will help make your life a little easier.   


Children Are Getting Educated


The weavers are very poor and education is costly.    The basket sales enabled the weaving group to start the local school


Weavers With Medical Cards

We were able to send money to our weaving group in Ghana to buy medical cards for a few years, after-which they chose to put the money toward a school/medical facility


School / Medical Office Construction (left) is Completed

My Bolga Baskets has funded the recent construction of a new school building that will double as a medical facility.    Unknown to us when we started this project, a nurse contacted our weaving group.   She organized a team of doctors and nurses to come for several weeks to treat and give medical care to the weavers and their families.  The school was completed in August 2019 and the medical team is coming in September  2019.  We see how God's hand had orchestrated this- the timing was perfect. 


Former Weavers Shop (below) Rebuilt ( right)

 In 2015, we were able to send money back to our Ghana weavers to help them rebuild the shop. As you can see, the shop was in bad shape and unsafe.  Now, the weavers have a place to weave out of the elements and store baskets and grass.


Thank You To Our Customers

 Once again we thank  the weavers and all of our customers who helped us  achieve these goals.  We could not have done it without you.  It is a joint effort.  

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions enabled us to build this school/medical facility for our weaving group. Plus, it will help us to pay for the teacher and buy books for the weavers children.  After that, we will be working on other improvements.  

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