What We are about


 We  started in 2005 with our mission to  provide the highest quality African made baskets at a reasonable price through mutually beneficial business relationships with African weavers, a large part of which involves assisting them in growing their income and utilize profits to fund medical and educational opportunities and enhance their living conditions.  We maintain a close relationship with the weaving groups to better know their needs, ensure fair pay, provide feedback for quality control and to incorporate new designs.  

Children Are Getting Educated



The weavers are very poor and education is costly.    The basket sales enabled the weaving group to start the local school

Weavers With Medical Cards


We were able to send money to our weaving group in Ghana to buy medical cards for a few years, after-which they chose to put the money toward a school/medical facility


School / Medical Office Construction (left) is Underway

My Bolga Baskets is funding the construction of a new school building that will double as a medical facility.  The tuition from the school will pay for medical services on the weekends


This Old Building Transformed (below)...... To This New Shop (right)

 In 2015, we were able to send money back to our Ghana weavers to help them rebuild the shop. As you can see, the shop was in bad shape and unsafe.  Now, the weavers have a place to weave out of the elements and store baskets and grass.


Thank You To Our Customers

 We want to thank all our customers who helped us to achieve some of these goals.  We could not have done it without you. It is a joint effort. We continue to pray we can help the weavers in more ways in the coming years.