From Their Hands to Ours!

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If you click on the photo of each basket, you will see the dimensions in the description as well as more photos of the basket. 

We work directly with the African producers to bring you the finest high quality handwoven baskets from various countries in Africa.   We have many different categories of baskets to choose from. These mini Bolga baskets are just some of the many beautiful baskets you will find in our store.  For 10 years we have sold African baskets with our mission to help the weavers.   Our goal is not only to help the weavers, but offer superior products and excellent customer service.  We value our customers. 

About our Shop

Member of the Fair Trade Federation for 7 years

Where our baskets come from:

We carry baskets from Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  The Bolga Baskets (from Bolgatanga, Ghana) are our most popular baskets.  Bolga baskets can take up to 1 week to make from start to finish.  The leather handles make them comfortable to carry. The baskets will come with a detailed pamphlet explaining more about them.  Each basket we carry is a work of art depicting the amazing talent of the weaver.