• Bolga U Shopper / Tote Basket (BUS735)


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    Ex Large Size: 18" long x 10" wide by 15" tall on the ends not including handle height. Color:  Violet, lime, brown/olive, and fuchsia.  There is an area on one side of the handle that has a much darker area.  We have lowered the price to reflect it.  It will not affect the basket in anyway. It is the way it came from Africa. The ushopper basket is one of the most popular baskets we carry.  We have 2 designs: one with a rim and one without.  Both are nice.  The ushopper is a nice size for the market, beach tote, overnight bag, magazines, sewing, storage in the car (won't roll around), unlimited uses. This is the basket you will receive.

     This ushopper basket is made by the skilled weavers of Bolgatanga (Bolga) Ghana, Western Africa. They take the local grass called elephant grass to hand weave this basket. The leather handle is braided really adding a nice touch to the look of the basket. This basket is strong and very durable. It can be hosed down if dirty or needs reshaping. Instructions included.