• Bolga Moses Pet Bed Basket (BMB13)

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      Size: 29" long by 19" wide by 11" tall by 8" tall on the sides.  Color:  Black, lime, turquoise and purple/burgundy/brown (hard color to describe).      All of the Moses baskets are made similar in Ghana, no matter what company sells them.  We sell this basket as a pet bed.  It is also a great basket to hold toys and such as well.  I am sure you will find many uses for this pretty basket. 

    These baskets are made by the skilled weavers of Bolgatanga (Bolga for short), Ghana, Western Africa. They take the local grass called elephant grass to make this basket. The leather handle is braided adding to its beauty. This basket is strong and very durable. It can be hosed down if dirty or needs reshaping. Instructions included.