Bolga Hat (BH216) Medium


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Medium Size: 22" circumference and  brim is 4".   Please go by the circumference measurement  to make sure your hat fits.  The size we state in the title varies within an inch and can still be considered the size mentioned.  Example: a medium hat can range from 22 to 22 7/8".   Color:   Black and natural.  The hats come with an adjustable leather strap. You can shape the rim too. Great protection from the sun!  

These incredible hats can be soaked in  water, then shaped to fit your head. You can also shape the rim to come down in the front and back or up on the sides.   Let hat dry thoroughly after shaping. You can also wear a bandana under the hat to make your hat more comfortable. The hats do taper slightly at the opening too.  These are great for protecting your head and face from the sun. You will get many years of enjoyment and protection from these fabulous hats!

These are made by the skilled weavers from Bolgatanga ( Bolga for short), Ghana, West Africa.