Our Mission, Our Goals....

We started in 2005 with our mission to help the weavers of Africa earn a sustainable living.   Since 2008, we have worked directly with the weaving groups in Africa.   We felt by working closely with the weavers, we could be aware of their needs as well as insuring they get paid fairly for their work.  This also enables us to have better quality control.  Not all African baskets are the same as we found out very quickly after we started this business. We will not sell inferior products.  Many of our baskets are double woven to ensure their strength and durability.  We continue to inspire new ideas such as adding extra pieces of leather in strategic locations on the basket to give it even more strength.  
Some of the goals we have been able to accomplish beyond buying their products with the help of our wonderful customers.

 They weavers are very poor and education is costly.    The basket sales enabled the weaving group to start the local school with teachers to give the children an education.

In 2015, we were able to send money back to our Ghana weavers to help them rebuild the shop. As you can see, the shop was in bad shape and unsafe.  Now, the weavers have a place to weave out of the elements and store baskets.  Old shop

Repaired Shop

In 2016, we were able to send money to our weaving group in Ghana to buy medical cards. Without the cards, they could not be seen in the hospital. 

We want to thank all our customers who helped us to achieve some of our goals.  We could not have done it without you. It is a joint effort. We continue to pray we can help the weavers in more ways in the coming years.   Again, thank you for helping us help the weavers of Africa.